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2022-11-16 10:29:38

Know why home orientation is necessary

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  • The position or orientation of your home with respect to the sun's path and any prevailing winds is referred to as house orientation. When your house is oriented properly, you may block sunlight in the summer and receive just the correct quantity of solar radiation to warm it up in the winter. This can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend using heating and cooling systems, which will lower your electricity costs.


    Principles of Good Orientation: 

    The most crucial elements to take into account for optimal orientation are
    1. the climate in the area
    2. Your site or building's real north and sun angles
    3. selecting the best construction style for your climate zone
    4. the results of global warming.

    Ideally, you should choose the best construction company for home with good orientation for the climate in your region or just google, the best house renovation near me and build or renovate to maximize the site’s potential for passive heating and passive cooling.


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    Benefits of Home orientation:    

    1. You are shielded from the sun's harmful rays by the open area to the west.
    2. In warmer climates, cross ventilation improves indoor comfort; in cold climates, it decreases it.
    3. The building must be oriented east-west rather than north-south in order to reduce glare from the sun's rising and setting rays. This is necessary for visual comfort.

    If you’re clueless and not getting structure properly just check house builders near me, who will help you with the best. 


    Orientation For Location: 

    The location of your home is a crucial consideration when constructing the ideal ventilation system since it enables you to compare the wind flow produced by efficient and inefficient ventilation systems. There’s a plus point if you’re living in Delhi, you can get a quotation with the best builder in Delhi NCR easily at your convenience.



    The sunshades will help to protect your inside area because rainfall might be at its heaviest during cyclones. In order to control the interior temperature at night, heat is preserved by sunshades. Thus, home orientation enables you to take full use of natural light and ventilation in all climatic situations and these all ways can be implemented by any experienced construction company in Delhi simply.