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2022-12-19 08:40:11

Factors that make house in Gurugram the hot property at the moment -

  • Residential buildings

  • Over the past two years, our homes have been more than just a place to retire after a tiresome day. They serve a variety of purposes for us, including a workspace, party area, testing and exercise area, entertainment studio, and more. Because of these possibilities, our "dream-home dream" has become a reality.
    Gurugram, one of the top cities in the nation, is well-known and admired for its advantageous investment advantages.

    Here are 3 reasons why this city is the choice of the hour - 

    1. Increasing employment opportunities require more accommodation facilities: 
    Property in Gurugram is currently India's preferred industrial and financial hub, with luxurious offices and lavish employee perks. The rapid urbanization of the area draws and invites skilled employees from a variety of industries and towns, and throughout time, the presence of major national and international corporations with headquarters in the area has a favorable impact on the city's economic development.

    2. High ROI with locational benefits : 
    Gurugram is a well-connected and well-planned city with excellent infrastructure, a prime location close to the capital and other northern regions, and a variety of transportation options. People from other cities and abroad think that moving to and around Gurugram is even simpler and more appealing due to the airport's close proximity.
    The incredible connectedness and convenience have increased the need and demand for high-quality houses, which also implies that your investment will provide higher profits. Shape my house is, a construction company in Delhi NCR that provides one of the best high-rise, affordable housing options, and house renovation services in the city. 

    Shape My House, a building construction company in Delhi NCR has completed their collaborated projects - DLF Phase -1 and DLF Phase -3. The current amount of projects is between 1-3 crores and the amount of the constructed building would be boosted up in the future which will level up the game of rental, capital, or investment returns to the ideal buyers of the properties in Gurgaon.

    3. Luxurious lifestyle :
    The lifestyle in Gurugram is one of luxury and comfort because of the city's numerous shopping centers, entertainment areas, fine dining establishments, and other amenities. Many additional projects from various international developers, including special economic zones, shopping centers, community centers, health centers, educational institutions, hospitals, 5-star hotels, entertainment parks, and theatres, are also set to be unveiled in the near future. 

    The city's real estate industry is booming, and several new projects are in the works. Therefore, the city is a desirable alternative for those seeking to invest in order to enjoy great returns in the future or to build their dream homes.

    Additionally, Gurgaon is currently home to more than 1.5 million people meaning it’s quite big and a bit crowded. Moving to Gurgaon from a big city like Delhi or Mumbai shouldn’t represent an issue as you’re already familiar with the atmosphere and dynamic of a bigger city. It has countless benefits of living here, but we have included a few major ones given below:  

    1. Currently, Gurgaon is one of India's major industrial and financial hubs. One of India's highest per capita earnings is found there. The fact that so many businesses are located here has a good impact on the city's economic development. Numerous new residents are drawn to the city by its rapid urbanization and plentiful employment prospects. The IT industry is booming, and new businesses are constantly forming.

    Gurgaon used to be a little town whose fame was derived largely from its closeness to Delhi. When Delhi become too crowded, Gurgaon started to expand. Maruti Suzuki India Limited, a car manufacturer, is also responsible for Gurgaon's rapid growth. In the 1970s, the business established a production facility there.

    2. Gurgaon is a developed, modern city with a variety of lodging options, apartment buildings, residential areas, dining establishments, and vibrant nightlife. Additionally, it features two sizable stadiums that are beloved by the populace and provide a wide range of possibilities for sports enthusiasts. Kingdom of Dreams and Appu Ghar Water Park are two of Gurgaon's most visited attractions.
    The city has plenty of lodging options, from luxury ones to more affordable ones, making it possible for everyone to find exactly what they need.

    3. A strong transit network and an effective educational system are two more things the city can be proud of Universities, colleges, and private and public schools are many. Amity University and KR Mangalam University are two of the major universities.

    You may simply travel to your destination by bus or metro because the city is well connected to Delhi and other areas of the NCR region.
    On Mondays, a few city roadways are closed to encourage people to use non-motorized transportation, which can help with the pollution issue.