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Welcome to Shape My House a unit of The Shubham Group of Companies. For more information kindly visit theshubhamgoc.com
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  • Innovation and Imaginative Strategies

    As an innovator in our industry, we have consistently attempted to create cutting-edge innovation and imaginative strategies. Our master groups are chosen explicitly for every customer, and they are exceptionally prepared, utilizing resourcefulness to tackle issues inventively. We let our quality work and pledge to consumer loyalty as our motto. We endeavor to address the issues of the present reality without imperiling the necessities of the world tomorrow.

    Building a house is major speculation for any family. Aside from the money-related venture it additionally requires speculation of time, vitality, and in particular your feelings. We at Shape My House estimate you and your speculations and subsequently persistently endeavor hard to help you in your adventure toward your fantasy home.

What we offer in Construction:

  • We, at Shape My House, provide optimum quality civil contracting services that surpass our client's expectations. To accomplish this, our responsible site managers hire and retain a first-class experienced workforce by approaching the building process with dedication, hard work, and honesty.
  • We function systematically by articulating and defining the goals of the project and then translating this early planning into contract documents.
  • We also provide an overview of onsite project quality, technical inspection, and testing.
  • An overall project detailed information; construction closeout list and final accounting are also provided.
  • We focus on durable and efficient structures that withstand the tide of time. Utilizing best practices in structural contracting which includes concreting, brickwork, formwork, and reinforcement work.
  • We guarantee to build your dream home that is based on your needs and mirrors your personality because we are the best civil engineering company in Delhi.
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A reliable construction company in Delhi NCR, offering a strong and solid foundation & structure

Are You Looking for a construction service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, or Faridabad then Welcome To Shape My House - A Residential and Commercial Property Reliable Civil Construction Company in Delhi NCR region. It is one of the best construction companies in Delhi. Shape My House is located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. We work as a Contractor and fulfill the dreams of various clients at the proper deadline, a complete home with all facilities & amenities.

We build fully customized residential units for our client's needs. We work with all-out straightforwardness, carefully conform to every single legitimate necessity, and utilize just marked, institutionalized materials for development. We guarantee to build wonderful homes that are based on your needs and mirror your personality because we are the best civil engineering company in Delhi.

Our Company mainly focused on a few things in Construction fields like:

  • 1. Perform appropriate site due to tirelessness
  • 2. Look for an engineer experienced in your state
  • 3. Right-size the facility
  • 4. Anticipate that building expenses should winding
  • 5. Configuration to suit the strengths
  • 6. Choose and incorporate gear
  • 7. Think about the impact on everyday activities
  • 8. Know the traps of existing space
  • 9. Client Satisfaction
Quality Control

Our concentration in the field of both inside and outside development has helped us to fabricate such notoriety in the market which settles on the organization's perfect decision for the customer. We have an astounding Quality Control Program which not just investigates the nature of the specific field in any case, it additionally archives audits to look after exactness. The company utilizes the most present-day innovation and furthermore an eye is likewise kept to check whether the best accessible materials are utilized in the structure procedure.

We never bargain with the nature of the crude materials that are being utilized in the process neither one of us bargain about insecurity issues. Our Project Manager visits the destinations at ordinary interims so as to check the yield of work, standard reviews are likewise made by our Quality Control Team. The Quality Control Team makes the answer for each issue that will, in general, hamper the work yield. Issues are settled as early as conceivable to lessen the odds of mistakes. This procedure likewise dispenses with surprising and pointless hazards assuming any.

In the Real Estate showcase, it is said that each customer has an alternate need, so it very well may be expressed that each undertaking is another one that is unique in relation to the next. A specific task may appear to be the greatest endeavor that you have been sitting tight for a considerable length of time. You may understand that it can change a person's matter of fact and furthermore the whole way an individual works it.